Brand Development

Hashemizadeh takes a strategic approach in building brands, driving consumer trials, and building brand loyalty. We provide a full range of market research and marketing services to grow brands using best practice innovative marketing strategies and programs.

Brands count on us for the marketing support from “Above the Line” to “Below the Line” activations with traditional and digital media initiatives to build demand, position products, and generate consumer adoption.

Hashemizadeh offers the following as a part of their Brand Development:

i. Market Research (R&D)

iii. Sampling Activities

ii. Advertising and Communications

iv. Promotions and Events



Product Distribution

Hashemizadeh takes pride in having built a full-fledged, mature,  distribution network, in spite of UAE being such a diversified market place. Developing our distribution capability has always been an organizational priority.
Additionally, we believe in applying best practices in distribution. We cater to all market segments including:

i. Retail (Hypermarkets and Supermarkets).

v. Hospitals

ii. Gas Stations and Convenient Stores.

vi. Minimarts

iii. Cooperative Hypermarkets

vii. Traditional Market

iv. Duty Free Shops

viii. Discount Markets

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Marketing Activities

Eid Promotions
Shopping Festival

Sales Team

Helping our customers drive sales growth is our priority and, frankly, our specialty. Hashemizadeh has a complete sales operation to support its partners and brands with dedicated teams and reporting mechanisms in place. Our sales force is trained to be specialists at their job. Each sales position is carefully designed to focus on specific function such as relationship management, product visibility, promotions, market sellout and product positioning.

Hashemizadeh offers the following as a part of their Sales Team:

i. Key Account Managers                iv. Sales Executives
ii. Area Sales Managers                  v. Merchandisers
iii. Sales Supervisors