Hashemizadeh takes pride in having built a full-fledged, mature, distribution network, in spite of UAE being such a diversified market place. Developing our distribution capability has always been an organizational priority. Additionally, we believe in applying best practices in distribution. We cater to all market segments including:

  • i. Retail (Hypermarkets and Supermarkets)
  • ii. Gas Stations and Convenient Stores.
  • iii. Cooperative Hypermarkets
  • iv. Duty Free Shops
  • v. Hospitals
  • vi. Minimarts
  • vii. Traditional Market
  • viii. Discount Markets



This channel is represented by the likes of Carrefour, Lulu, West Zone, EMKE group, Choithrams, and the local Coop operators. By creating a structure of key account management, we ensure dedicated service to our clients. This particular market segments makes up more than 300 outlets which serve as an important showcase for our products.


Cooperatives have been a major contributor to this industry positioning themselves as the go-to markets for families. With carefully selected items and packaging coupled with dedicated merchandising team, we have made sure that we maintain a solid position with this important channel.

Gas Stations and Convenient Stores

This channel includes major outlets such as Zoom, Eppco, Enoc, Emarat, and ADNOC with a combined total of over 400 stores across the UAE. With a dedicated mobile sales and merchandising team, we are able to achieve 100% reach capability across the network.

Duty Free

Duty free is the most popular channel when it comes to "Gift" items. Our long standing experience and relations with this particular segment serves as a key element in successfully penetrating this channel.

Traditional Groceries

The channel is considered to be the largest in numeric scope in the UAE. The Grocery channel is the most challenging channel to supply to and maintain. However, our strong van sales fleet combined with the utilization of the latest technology enables us to penetrate and reach the desirable coverage.